Give To Colombia Visits Hablando con Julis Classroom


On Wednesday, Give To Colombia visited Instituto Nuestra Señora de la Sabiduría para Sordos, a school for children with hearing and oral handicaps located in Bogotá. The school has a classroom dedicated to Hablando con Julis, a software that allows people with oral and hearing impairments to communicate with others, and one of G2C's many projects that help improve the quality of life of Colombians. In the past, Give To Colombia's support has helped the foundation in terms of expanding the scale, impact and sustainability of the software, facilitating a server donation from Cisco Systems, as well as a Cisco VNI Service Award for "Recognizing Innovation and Connecting the Unconnected." The prize money was used to train families to use the software as well as install it in new schools. Give To Colombia hopes to continue supporting this incredible program, bringing these children a greater joy in learning.

A student answers a question during class using the Hablando Con Julis software’s Smart Board.

Wendy Sewards and Julia Ardila pose for a photo with Julis, the foundation’s namesake.

Wendy Sewards interacts with Julis.

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