COL5VID is a network of students and professionals working to support vulnerable communities in Colombia that have been affected by the crisis derived from COVID-19. Their main role is to connect donors with beneficiaries in an efficient and transparent way.

This project arose on April 16th2020, when the quarantine started and it became evident to Andres Arellano, founder of the initiative, that even though young Colombians were in lockdown, there were many ways to help. He reached out to some well known Colombian philanthropists who helped him structure what today is called COL5VID. In less than 24 hours, a team was formed. The project’s objectives are to guarantee food security for vulnerable families, distribute in-kind donations of essential goods to those who need it, raise national awareness among the youth, and contribute to the reactivation of the national economy by investing in productive and sustainable projects created by micro-enterprises.

When the time came for COL5VID to find a strategic partner in the US, their objective aligned perfectly with Give to Colombia’s mission, to increase the flow of international monetary aid to help Colombia’s most vulnerable populations and give them sustainable solutions. G2C is known for promoting and facilitating alliances between the international donor and the organization in Colombia, optimizing social impact. The level of compliance managed by G2C is crucial for COL5VID because it emphasizes the importance of transparency and reachability. For G2C, transparency is demonstrated through timely financial reports that show how the money is being invested based on three different categories: food security, health, and social development.

With G2C’s support, COL5VID is working towards three main goals. First, they want to distribute 10,000 Groceries that last for 1 month to 10,000 Families (reaching approximately 40,000 People). This amount is equivalent to $300,000 USD. Secondly, they seek to collect 5,000 in-kind donation packages from 2,500 donors. This is equivalent to $450,000 USD. Finally, they would like to reach 1 million people with their campaign.

Through this alliance, COL5VID also created a system of collaboration with another entity, Fundación Grupo Argos. The way their relationship works is that the money donated to COL5VID from donors abroad will be delivered to ARGOS, who makes a 100% match of the donation received. ARGOS will then proceed to buy the groceries and distribute them to the most vulnerable communities through their strategic partners, Grupo Exito and La Recetta. The COL5VID team chooses the communities that the groceries will be delivered to based on the foundation’s database. Additionally, all the logistics of buying and delivering the groceries will be covered by ARGOS.

As a result of these partnerships, the team has managed to obtain dozens of in-kind donations and monetary donations that exceed $160million COP (USD$41,000). If you’d like to participate you can donate through:

Or visit our website:


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