It’s time for you to pay it forward and lend #AHelpingHandForHaiti!

How can you help?

Click here to donate: https://www.givetocolombia.org/donate 
Be sure to specify you will be donating to the “A Helping Hand for Haiti” campaign.


Donate $10

Feed two families for one day (rations provided through the community dining hall)

Donate $30

Provide a hygiene and protection kit for one family that includes face masks, latex gloves, alcohol, spray dispenser for liquid, chlorine, body soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, brushes and toothpaste.

Or you can donate a different amount; all contributions are well received and will positively impact the quality of life of communities in Haiti.


Haiti is one of the most vulnerable countries in the Americas and the entire world, with a fragile economy and broad challenges in terms of social development. 

Argos, has joined forces with Give 2 Colombia, a non-profit organization in the United States that promotes crowdfunding for social causes, in a campaign that seeks to collect donations for CINA Foundation, in favor of Haiti’s neediest families.

Your donation will help supply the St. Gerard health center to care for patients and provide Covid-19 hygiene kits to families in need. You will also be helping the largest local community dining hall to feed families with limited resources.

Since its beginning in 2006, the St. Gerard health center has provided general medicine, prenatal care and family planning services, special care for pregnant mothers, children and the elderly, laboratory and pharmacy services to the families in the local communities. The center has served more than 300,000 patients, activated more than 50 mobile clinics, and administered more than 142,000 laboratory tests to its patients. In addition, the center permanently promotes community prevention activities against different common diseases in the area that affect many people annually, such as dengue and malaria, and other important issues such as contraception, diabetes, hypertension and eating habits.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic both the St. Gerard health center and the local community dining hall are expected to see an increase in demand, which is why we need your help! Donate now!

Keep in mind:

  • You will receive a Tax Certificate on behalf of Give 2 Colombia for your donation.

  • You can donate through PayPal or a direct Wire Transfer.

  • If you want more information on Give 2 Colombia or on the donating process, you can email coordinadora@givetocolombia.com


Give To Colombia is a tax-exempt organization that facilitates the channeling of resources towards high-impact social projects in Colombia and Latin America. 


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