15 February, 2017
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Give To Colombia invites both its longtime supporters and new friends to an evening filled with excitement and generosity as we continue our tradition of the Colombia Gives Back Gala. This year's theme "Peace & Education" arises from the unprecedented transition Colombia is currently embarking on and was chosen to promote the belief that education is the pillar atop which peace must be constructed. G2C believes these two values will guarantee the country's future stability. For this reason, we hope to highlight our most prominent project "Writing Each Step", which targets a major barrier for peace and education: illiteracy. 

The gala will be held on December 9th at the exclusive Faena Hotel in Miami Beach and will count with the participation of two special guests: the famous reggaeton artist J Balvin, who will once again join us for an unforgettable performance, and the up-and-coming visual artist Sabrina Yanguas whose unique style has charmed many. Both J Balvin and Sabrina have been inspired by our literacy project to design one of a kind pieces that will be auctioned at the event. 

Please join us for a chance to be a part of this legacy. 








This canvas started with the vision I had of my friend Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin. Even though I do not see him as a tiger, as a rough person, what I do see in him is strength and the ability to have a focus in what he wants in his career goal. The canvas began with those two points of vision that at the end where one whole vision,  and from there on the canvas became the reflection of my life in that moment.


“A Tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep…” It has been a difficult year, a  year where traces have come along with strength trying to pretend those scars never hurt. Reality is that they did hurt, but thin layers where created as a protective capsule where nobody can ever harm again. Intuition and vision came along with confidence and now the power has domain, and even though I still feel the fear I can say I found the clarity to be focus and remember I have a long way to go. 


by SY



1.50m X 1m

59inch x 39.37 inch

Starting at: $ 5’000.00





This canvas started with the story of a couple that had memories about their childhood with horses.  When I started making the movement of each horse I  realized the poetry they carried and how their beauty makes us see life without fear…


“A horse is poetry in motion”… I believe each of us has a unique soul, but we also have strength, beauty, love, knowledge, patience and determination such as these creatures. What we do not realize is that we forget to live life, we tend to ride without living, being worried about what’s  going to happen tomorrow and with a blink of an eye your life has come to and end… “RIDE MORE, WORRY LESS” is the lesson I got from the creation of these three souls, each one with a unique soul but with the same beauty living life where fear is not an option.





1.83m x 0.91 m

72 inch x 35.82 inch

Starting at: $ 4’500.00





"Mystery to be Discover ….LIFE”

Many of you may agree and many may not, but at the end I DO NOT CARE…. hahah it’s my own world and I am happy living in it.  I believe God gave us the privilege to be in this life, he gave us unique talents, unique souls, and unique journeys so we can trace.  The cool thing about it, is how mysterious it is. You are brought to existence capable of breathing, have a heart beat, cry, eat , sleep and no more, but TIME  comes into play and it is what finally makes us experience situations that at the end are the ones that define us as human beings, with unique personalities and unique characteristics. For me there is always a light and it doesn’t have to be yellow hahaha it’s what I call faith. Faith that can make you control life and be able to decide whether you want to be part of the situation or not. Life is about tracing lines, dots, curves, going up down, right, left ect, but at the end you have the control, you are the one that decides to stop, continue, believe, not believe, see it as negative, as positive or just SMILE and continue living experiences that at the end are only positive because they make you grow! 


Starting at: $ 15’000.00





“2 Worlds in Just 1”             

This canvas started as the creation of a face that soon evolved into it’s own world …

 “There’s always a wild side to an innocent face.” A soul can be famine, masculine or both, but at the end it’s one soul with a unique and distinctive visualization of life. This particular soul has a strong intuition but two faces that help carry experiences of life. One face is the strong, powerful, persuasive face and the other face is the creative, curious and childish face. Unification of both make a powerful soul that explodes when it falls in LOVE.




“2 worlds in just 1”

36 x 36 inches

91 x 91 cm


Starting at: $ 3’800.00


2 Worlds in Just 1 - SY



This abstract creature was a way to inspire people to gain their own stability in life…


A creature that doesn’t show emotions… This bear is a creature needs to be in control of every situation that affects him. He doesn’t need to be in control of others, just himself. He is a hard worker and capable, so he resent being supervised or managed by others who are usually less hard working and less capable than he is. If he can manage himself stability will come along to rock this world.


Height: 7 in
Width: 7 in
Weight: 1.5 lbs

Enamel over ceramic

Starting at: $ 580