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We are reaching out to you to address the terrible tragedy that occurred in Mocoa, a small town in the southern department of Colombia called Putumayo. On Saturday, April 1st 2017, 618 kilometers south of Colombia’s capital, heavy rains caused 3 important rivers in the area to overflow in turn causing floods and landslides. Upon receiving 30% of the rainfall it typically gets in one month overnight, Mocoa greeted dawn in ruins.

To date, at least 286 Colombians have lost their lives to this tragedy; approximately 46 of the fatal victims were children. 262 people are injured; many of them are currently in serious condition and thousands have lost all of their belongings and life’s work.

Give to Colombia has joined nationwide and international efforts to collect relief funds to support the victims of the Mocoa tragedy. All bequeathed funds will be used to purchase: non-perishable food, water, personal hygiene items, clothes, medicines, lanterns, batteries and mattresses which are all first priority items solicited by the victims at this time; they will all be delivered at the place of the tragedy.

Use the hashtag #MocoaNeedsUs and #EverybodyWithMocoa to share an image of your donation and be featured on our Instagram feed. Help us help Mocoa in this dire time, we invite you to donate through our Paypal account below or directly via Wire Transfer to our bank account: