Writing Each Step

Did you know Colombia wants to be declared illiteracy free by 2018? And by 2015 it wants to become the most educated country in Latin America. Though challenging, these goals are not impossible as according to the 2005 DANE census, 5.8% of the adult population do not know how to read and write. That means nearly 2,740,000 individuals over the age of 15 are not able to do basic every day tasks such as taking a bus, reading a stop sign, or paying their bills, and are then forced to rely on others, limiting their ability to be independent. Give To Colombia believes that only through education can we change lives, as it not only helps people develop their full potential, but it also allows them to become active citizens in their communities.

Give To Colombia, the Colombian Ministry of Education, and the Organization of Ibero-American States have joined forces to reduce illiteracy rates in Colombia through the program “Writing Each Step.” In order to reach the goals mentioned, together we need to educate approximately 800,000 Colombians during the next two years. Our project will focus especially on women who have been displaced by the conflict, are heads of households or are indirect landmine victims. We will direct our efforts to rural areas such as Chocó, Guainía, Guaviare, Cauca and Guajira where there is lack of opportunities and state presence. Through this project, we hope to alphabetize 8,000 people so they may become active citizens, and may ensure a better future for theirselves and their families.

Join the cause and help others start “Writing Each Step”.



Creditos: Propiedad MEN. Juan Gabriel Muñoz. Oficina Asesora de Comunicación Ministerio de Educación