With ten years of experience in the Colombian social sector, Give To Colombia has become an intelligence hub for nonprofits, ensuring that our donors get the most return for their investment. 

Our broad range of projects, access to any Colombian sector, and versatile model as an umbrella organization, place us among the most knowledgeable of Colombians NGOs.

Some of our partners include Levi Strauss Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, Goldman, Sachs & Co., SABMiller, Diageo, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Motorola Solutions Foundation, among others. 

We are a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to increase the flow of international donations and provide enduring, scalable, and sustainable solutions to Colombia's and Latin America's most vulnerable populations. Based in the United States and with offices in Colombia, it creates, promotes, and facilitates alliances between international donors and Colombian grassroot organizations, optimizing the social impact of private and institutional donors' investments in the social sector. To do so, Give to Colombia selects and partners with local foundation to implement high social impact projects, ensuring that they comply with the donors' standards of reporting, accountability, and effectiveness.