Supporting Banca de Inversión Social

Donor: Individual/Family Donor
Local Ally: Banca de Inversión Social
Beneficiaries: N/A
Location: National

The Social Investment Bank (BIS) is a non-profit organization based in Colombia that acts as a bridge between donors, impact investors, traditional sources of social funding and social enterprises and projects. They believe there is a significant opportunity to reduce poverty and improve the environment through the promotion of inclusive businesses. 

The funds for this project will be used to support the Colombian non-profit organization's mission, by providing support for the organization's operational expenses. Thus, G2C will indirectly be encouraging the Social Investment Bank’s role in Colombia. Through this grant, G2C is supporting BIS in its principle activities: advising impact investors, collaborating with companies that are growing their inclusive businesses, and working with social entrepreneurs and their companies to support and prepare them to receive impact investment resources. These activities, which are carried out by BIS and supported by G2C (through its support for the organization’s operational costs), have the end goal of reducing poverty and improving the economy through the promotion of inclusive businesses in Colombia.