Promoting Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Bogotá

Donor: JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Local Ally: Academia de Innovación para la Sostenibilidad (AISO)
Beneficiaries: 100 young professionals
Location: Bogotá, Colombia

AISO is a capacity building center which empowers the next generation of business managers and consumers with tools and recommendations, in order to mainstream sustainable consumption and production patterns in their daily lives and business processes. Their goal is to help young professionals create an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically profitable business.

This project aims to promote sustainable entrepreneurship by training 100 individuals from low-income communities in Bogotá. By doing so, Give to Colombia and AISO will allow them to develop sustainable enterprises and obtain an alternate source of income. Ultimately, these enterprises will help Colombian consumers transform their consumption habits, promote environmental awareness and finally, help reduce the rate of poverty in the country.