Creating Opportunities For All

Give To Colombia is committed to projects that aim to reduce poverty, helping the most vulnerable communities in Colombia attain higher incomes, create and sustain their own businesses, enter the formal labor market and acquire responsible saving practices

Colombia is at a critical stage because, although there has been a steady and significant creation of wealth during the last decade, there continue to be high levels of poverty and unequal development. G2C works to create more opportunities so that the most vulnerable populations can also benefit from the country’s growth and creation of wealth. Our programs support training in technical and professional skills, while supporting entrepreneurs and providing assessment in marketing, accounting, and productivity, among other areas. Our programs work to empower communities so that they find new and innovative ways of finding economic sustainability.

Sources: DANE (National Administrative Department of Stadistics), UNDP, World Bank, ENDS 2010 (National Survey of Demography and Health)